Cold Dishes and Tapas

Salad with Philadelphia mousse 380 g | 12,00 BGN

With marinated tomatoes, water onion, olive oil bread, sunflower leaves,
Manchego cheese, black pepper and vinaigrette with Worcester

Traditional Spanish salas with tuna 380 g | 13,00 BGN

With potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and vinaigrette

Salad with colored quinoa, spelled and goat cheese 300 g | 12,00 BGN

Spinach, roasted peppers, avocado, tomatoes and soybean honey dressing

Salad with strawberries and Manchego cheese 300 g | 13,00 BGN

Spinach, hamon Serono, soybean honey dressing, avocado and nuts

Caesar salad with anchovies, chicken and bacon 300 g | 15,00 BGN

Iceberg, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Caesar dressing and roasted parmesan

Salad with Chorizo Iberico 380 g | 14,00 BGN

Marinated tomatoes, artichoke, water onion, olive oil bread,
fresh spices, black pepper and Worcester dressing

Sea Set 180 g | 22,00 BGN

  • marinated sardines with vegetables
  • marinated octopus
  • marinated shrimps
  • аrtichokes, padron peppers with Maldon salt
  • bruschettas with smoked spicy olive oil
  • Guacamole

Iberico Tapas Set180 g | 22,00 BGN

  • dried sausage Murcia “Iberico”
  • dried sausage Chorizo “Iberico”
  • artichoke, Padron peppers with Maldon salt
  • bruschettas with smoked spicy olive oil
  • Guacamole

Tuna ceviche 180 g | 19,00 BGN

Marinated tuna Blefine, marinated mushrooms,
guacamole and Manchego cheese

Beef Ancho 180 g | 19,00 BGN

Cold roasted beef, goat cheese mousse, wild onion,
pepper and celery, olive oil bread and spicy olive oil

Oysters1 pc | 8,00 BGN

Served with oyster and lime sauce