Hot “Tapas”

Baked goat cheese180 g | 17,00 BGN

With honey, colored spring salad with Mango and Hamon Serano sause

Galician octopus 200 g | 37,00 BGN

With Spanish olive oil with smoked pepper, potatoes, smoked mayonnaise and marinated onion

Gambas Al Ajillo con Chorizo 200 g | 27,00 BGN

Shrimp with spicy virgin olive oil, garlic, cognac X.O.,
chorizo Iberico, dried tomatoes and smoked Spanish pepper

Gambas Gigantes200 g | 27,00 BGN

Grilled Gambon shrimps with garlic dressing,
baked with Manchego cheese

Andalusian mussels 500 g | 15,00 BGN

Mussels with white wine Albariño, cream and vegetables

Galician mussels 500 g | 18,00 BGN

Mussels with white wine Albariño, chorizo Iberico, herbs and vegetables

Calamari a la Plancha 250 g | 20,00 BGN

With smoked pepper and olive oil, garlic dressing and guacamole